HealthDoers | Areas of Focus
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Areas of Focus

Practice Transformation

We aim to support practices with ideas and practical, tangible, adaptable steps to move toward high value care and the triple aim by considering transformation in the following ways:

  • How do you help practices make the changes that are needed?
  • What will it take to make these changes?
  • And by sharing specific tools and how-to guides

We will explore data in the following ways:

  • Regional sharing of clinical and claims data
  • Multi sector data/Social Determinants of Health Indicators
  • Data quality
  • Data liberation
  • Utility of the data
  • Enabling population management
MACRA/Payment Reform

We are discussing the policies and payment models that will allow for the shift to value over volume in the following ways:

  • How are multi-payer advanced payment models (APMs) playing out locally?
  • What are the opportunities facing them with these changes?
  • What are the barriers communities are facing?
  • What do you they need to overcome those barriers?