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Select your community from the options below. If you don’t yet have a login, you can request an invite here.

HealthDoers Open Community

A learning community open to everyone in the HealthDoers to share information, ask questions, find resources and meet like-minded doers.


A private learning community of healthcare professionals from across the Iowa Healthcare Collaborative Hospital Engagement Network working to reduce readmissions and improve patient safety and care. Exchange stories of innovations, discuss challenges and identify solutions for your practice.

100 Million Healthier Lives Community

A learning community for members of 100 Million Healthier Lives initiative – an unprecedented collaboration of change agents pursuing an unprecedented result: 100 million people living healthier lives by 2020.


A private learning community of doers connected to the IOWA State Innovation Model. We are the ones that are out dealing with patients and making lives better for those in need. SIMplify is a system to make interacting with others of the same cloth, well, simpler. From sharing documents to sharing stories to organizing meetings, this system is intended to handle the communication needs of the group. We are focused on respect, consideration for other’s ideas, collaboration, and fairness.


This is a private online community with the intent to rapidly build our audience and make the content and lessons as broadly available as possible. The NRHI High-Value Care SAN will leverage the experiences and successes of its regional health improvement collaborative (RHIC) member organizations to provide educational resources, tools, and technical assistance to clinicians through a variety of learning programs.

Getting to Affordability

The NRHI Getting to Affordability Community provides a collaborative learning platform for those implementing, or working toward implementing, standardized Total Cost of Care and Resource Use (TCOC) reporting in their regions. This by-invitation community will serve as a communication hub and resource library for all things TCOC. Here you can learn from subject matter experts on everything from data quality and analysis to identifying physician champions and engaging employers.

All In

All In: Data for Community Health helps communities build capacity to address the social determinants of health through multi-sector data sharing collaborations. Data Across Sectors of Health (DASH) and the Community Health Peer Learning Program (CHP) founded All In to co-create a “network of networks” to share lessons learned and foster peer learning. Motivated by this opportunity to accelerate knowledge and progress, the BUILD Health Challenge and The Colorado Health Foundation have joined this work. Collectively, we now reflect the efforts and insights from 50 community collaborations across the country.