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Join the Open Community


The HealthDoers Open Community provides trusted peer-to- peer forums and programming to support health and healthcare changemakers. By joining, you can connect, collaborate, and learn with peers and leaders solving real, relevant health and healthcare problems. Joining the HealthDoers Open Community is a great way to elevate your pro le and accelerate your work. You de ne your own experience on the platform, determine how much to participate, and identify what topic areas you want to learn about.

By joining the community, you can access:

  • Updates and news from healthdoers from across the country;
  • Traditional knowledge management features such as shared le foldersand member directories;
  • Easy-to-use features such as posting questions, resources, lessonslearned, and updates to the community;
  • Online content including curated libraries of resources, tools, andcommentary from experts and healthdoers in the eld about keyaspects of their work; and
  • Conversations with peers on key health improvement topics such aspayment reform, quality improvement, cross-sector collaboration, data and measurement, community engagement, and other resources so you don’t have to start from scratch.