HealthDoers | Partnership and Collaboration Options
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Partnership and Collaboration Options

The HealthDoers Network has developed a great combination of technology, human interaction and facilitated connections designed to advance your work toward healthier communities and to collectively address priority aims for health improvement.

Below are various ways that you can collaborate in the HealthDoers Network. With each of these methods, you and/or your community becomes part of the broad HealthDoers ecosystem via in-person meetings, virtual events, curated library resources and ‘on-demand’ collaboration assistance.

Participation in the Open Community

Inclusion in the HealthDoers open online community – Participation in the HealthDoers Open Community provides access to the HealthDoers Network Intelligence, curated library of resource and access to HealthDoers events.

Basic Private Group

Private Group for up to 100 users – This Basic Private Group allows for select private activities to occur within the HealthDoers Network.

Technology Features

  • Your Group Name – Project-based or representative of an organization
  • One discussion forum – Posts, comments and resources
  • Activity feed – Displays community members’ activity
  • Resource library – Curated content associated with the group (key documents, tools and templates)

 Community Management Features

Community Management 101 Group Access for Private Groups in the HealthDoers Open Community: This group is a private space for community managers of HealthDoer Communities. This space is for sharing best practices, asking questions, receiving support and locating helpful resources. Come here to learn from more experienced community managers and also from those that are new to the field.

Private Community Technology Platform

Technology Online Platform for up to 1,000 users – This Private Community Technology Platform package allows for a fully functional, separate online space to be created for you, with integrated functions that enable high value collaboration with the larger HealthDoers Network.

Technology Features

  • Privacy options (login required or not)
  • Live support chat functionality
  • Registration/login (used for login analytics, active members can be displayed)
  • Profile (affinity fields to foster connections)
  • Posting (text with inline images, video, auto linking hashtags)
  • Posting interaction (liking, saving, commenting)
  • Directory (scan-able grid view, searchable profiles)
  • Activity stream, groups (public/private, structured data associated, group specific forums)
  • Subscribe/notify (follow functionality, email notifications, group digest), Search (autocomplete results across activity, filterable, context specific search)
  • Forums (subscribe to topics, advanced moderation)
  • Documents (document commenting/tagging, attach files)
  • Events calendar
  • Community customization to meet brand standards

Community Management Support (same as provided with basic private group)

Private Community Platform Plus Community Coaching/Management

Technology Collaboration Package plus Community Success Coaching or Community Management Services – This package offers our technology with either community coaching or community management.

Technology Features

This package includes all of the above mentioned features.

Community Success Coaching

In addition to having access to the Community Management 101 Group, you will receive direct ‘Community Coaching’ Services to train your resources (team members) to be effective community managers.

Community Management

Dedicated HealthDoers community managers dedicated to the success of your community.