HealthDoers | Ways to Be a HealthDoer
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Ways to Be a HealthDoer

Come Collaborate With Us


Launched in 2014 by the Network for Regional Health Improvement, with funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, HealthDoers is the premier network for health and healthcare changemakers to come together to connect, collaborate, and accelerate their work.


At the heart of HealthDoers is an easy-to-use online platform that supports tailored collaboration and shared learning. HealthDoers fosters strong community connections to accelerate health improvement, bringing together groups and individuals with shared goals.


HealthDoers is a full-featured network with the collaboration options to meet your needs.


Join the HealthDoers Open Community to collaborate.

  • Elevate your work utilizing various engagement opportunities;
  • Begin new and participate in existing discussions and collaborate with an engaged audience;
  • Explore and add to the curated resource library; and
  • Attend virtual and in-person HealthDoers events.


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Become a HealthDoers contributing partner.

  • Lead topical discussions on the HealthDoers platform, sharing relevant resources and highlighting your organization’s expertise;
  • Partner with HealthDoers on virtual and in-person events, showcasing your organization to a regional or national audience of influencers, deepening your connections, and facilitating conversations before and after events; and
  • Represent the HealthDoers Network at national or regional events to increase connections and bring back relevant content to network participants.


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Host your community or group on the HealthDoers Platform.

  • Use this turnkey solution to create your own online private community;
  • Get the technology and community management services you need to maximize your community’s success;
  • Customize and brand your community to your audience;
  • Collaborate simply, with an all inclusive set of tools that can take your work to the next level; and
  • Increase engagement and develop practical solutions that save you and your partners time and money.


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