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Roman is one of the leading men’s online health provider offering customers a convenient and faster way to access healthcare products and get them delivered discreetly at their doorstep. Roman healthcare promises a contact-free delivery, ongoing care, and seamless experience. It is also creating awareness about sexual problems while providing direct professional care and genuine prescription medication. Roman is primarily focused on sexual health, hair loss treatments, and any allergies related to sexual health. There also some weight loss products which are getting popular due to their effective benefits as promised. This is a review of the products offered by Roman, which will discuss its benefits and drawbacks so you can make the right choice for yourself.

Let us first discuss the advantages and disadvantages of choosing Roman products and medicines over any other telehealth brand. This will help us get a quick idea about what we want from the products.


Roman provides an online connection with the doctors so you can connect with a doctor anytime you want to from your home and get the consultation you need.

You can get the prescription online and order the prescribed medicines right away to be delivered at your doorstep. Roman promises free shipping within two days using their Ro pharmacy network. The packaging will be completely discrete, and your order will be kept confidential.

You can follow up with the doctors after starting your course for any questions regarding your medications. All the doctors at Romans are licensed in the US and go through a high-level verification process. The medical advisory board at Roman has recognized experts, including a former US Surgeon General, to make the right decisions for their customers’ health. The doctors do not get incentivized to prescribe any medicine to the customers to maintain patient-centric care.



Roman charges $15 for the first consultation with the doctors, while the other brands offer a free consultation. Roman is still not available in all the branches of the US states, which can make it difficult for customers to receive the packages on time. Roman courses are not provided with any insurance programs.

Roman does not have a primary healthcare program for the patients. Even though they provide an online consultation facility, there is no primacy care offered by Roman at the moment. You cannot have the Roman doctors to help you with anything other than what their plans offer. They can accompany your primary healthcare doctor, but they cannot replace them.

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Roman provides a completely online service to the customers, starting from consultation to buying the products and getting it delivered. It is a telehealth company and does not have any local branches where you can visit to get a consultation.

You can start your visit by going to the website and pick a product that interests your needs. A virtual doctor will get connected to you on the screen, and you will go through a series of questions to answer. Most of the questions asked in this 15-minute session will be easy to discuss. You will also need a photo of yourself to verify your identity. This virtual doctor consultation will cost your $15 if the doctor feels that you are a good candidate to go through the medication process. If you do not get approved by your virtual doctor, you will not have to make any payments.

The doctor will review your test and send you the report within 24 hours of the exam. In most cases, you will also receive your report almost immediately. It is a quick procedure, and you may also get a follow-up from the doctor on the information that you provided, so they can prescribe you the right medications with the right amounts. Roman also provides a live chat option where the doctor can connect with you directly to discuss your requirements and prescribe you the products. If the doctor feels the need to have a live chat session, you will be alerted early.

Once you get your medications prescribed and signed by a doctor at Roman, your billing amount will be generated, including the $15 for the consultation. If you are not the candidate for the treatment and do not need Roman products, you will not get charged with any money.

Roman has a Ro pharmacy network in most of the states across the US. It provides a convenient and faster way for customers to receive the products at their doorstep within 2-days of ordering.

Roman complies with all medical privacy always to protect your information. Your records will be highly secure, and every correspondence of medical information will be kept private. Your packages will also be delivered in a highly discreet manner, which is one of the best qualities of ordering from Roman. It promises a completely private experience from start to finish.

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Criteria for buying healthcare products online

When you purchase healthcare products from an online supplier like Roman, maintain criteria to receive safe and attested products.

Make sure that your purchase the products prescribed by licensed doctors and from a licensed service in the US. The physician should be certified in the relevant practice areas and should have a high-quality medical review board. Check out from the services that are FDA approved.

Another thing that you should keep in mind is whether the service is offering a customer-centric service. You should get the products that are worth your money. There should be no hidden costs once you agree to take the service. There should be a 24/7 customer support to help you with any queries. Roman provides all-time consultation with the doctors to learn about the prescription or report any side-effects.

Most important of all is that you should receive the products securely while keeping your packaging private. It should not take more time than it promises so that you can start your course as soon as possible. You should not be troubled with the location of your package or the risk of exposing the products to anyone in shipping.

Review for Roman

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